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The need for a methodology conference


The idea for this conference arose out of the identified lack of a forum for research students in the field of history of medicine and allied sciences for the discussion of methodologies in theory and practice and in relation to their own research.


The "Methods in Theory and Practice" conference directly addresses this gap and is tailored to the needs of research students in encouraging them to engage with, understand, share and consider varying methodological approaches in this field. For this purpose, the conference's session topics, presented by research students from many different backgrounds and nationalities, are loosely grouped around different areas of methodological approaches to stimulate debate and discussion about the advantages and pitfalls of each approach.


Both the Wellcome Trust Centre for the History of Medicine at UCL’s own postgraduate training sessions and the ensuing workshop organized in 2008 with the scheme’s participants have been successful in providing valuable training and forging better links within the British research student community of the history of medicine. This first international conference builds on such successes and expands them by widening participation beyond the original training network and beyond British institutions.  


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